25 years old girl’s secret beauty stash revealed!

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Hello Jebanistas!

For all you girls who are getting to their middle ages, don’t for get to take care of yourselves! not just your bodily health and mental health you also shouldn’t forget to take care of your face! Because if you stopped caring about it for just a little bit your face will be filled with wrinkles before you know it! So today I’ll be recommending 5 skincare products that will definitely amaza you, let’s go see what they are!
Let’s start with the face wash. >> I’ve got to say, usually I don’t like to use these kinds of foamy face washes because it doesn’t feel as effective as other kind of face washes and you have to use quite a lot of them too. But once I’ve got to try Wild Fern’s face wash I was completely blown away. Very impressed! it completely changed my mind about foamy face washes. And for the properties it’s loaded with benefits, such as.
➰ Willow bark extract : Deals with comedones, helps shed your skin cells and clean your skin down to your pores!
➰ Mixed sesame oil : Reduces wrinkles and acne redness.
➰ Hibiscus Extract : Moisturize your skin and makes your skin smooth and young.

Post usage review :

The foam is just, SO smooth and gentle, and it just gives you the 🍯 Honey Lemon 🍋 feels. I feel so refreshed after cleaning my face with it! Just one pump that’s all you need, I just absolutely love this. >3<
Next up is the pre-serum >> This thing is an absolute essential, if you’ve been following me you should’ve seen me mentioned this product many times before. It’s a very renowned choice of serum, helps fix destroyed face, repair and reinforce your skin using the power of these properties.

➰ Up to 30 million Microbiomes which will help repair and restore balance to your skin, making your skin look younger than before.

➰ Contains Bifidus Prebiotic 10% which will reinforce your skin and keep the moisture from your skin from drying out.

Post usage review :

The serum is light and gets absorbed quickly, doesn’t leave any stickiness behind neither. After using it consistently for a while I can definitely feel my skin getting stronger and smoother. so anytime you feel your skin getting deteriorated you should definitely give this product a try. Use it every morning-evening. It’s really good at restoring your skin condition and improving your skin elasticity.
Now comes the serum. >> A serum from Wild Ferns that just blew my expectations away, because this isn’t just any normal serum. But it’s a serum that contains bee venom and Manuka honey 80+ from New Zealand. Normally when you hear the word “venom” you’d think that you should stay away at all costs. But in reality the venom has many natural benefits too.

➰ Contains VENZ™ bee venom which is pure and high in quality, which will help heal your skin deep down.
➰ Contains Manuka honey 80+ from New Zealand and AAH 650 that acts as an antibacterial and anti oxidant.
➰ Mixed with bee milk and bee venom from Wild Ferns which will help with anti-aging your skin.

Post usage review :

Serum texture is light, the serum’s color is milkish white and absorbs into your skin almost immediately, It doesn’t leave any stickiness behind but still acts like a thin film protecting your face. After 3 weeks of use I feel my skin looks puffier and brighter, plus it looks a lot less oily too. Lastly the “smell” is just absolutely amazing, it has the sweet smell of 🍯 Honey Vanilla Butter 🥞 just wonderful.
Next up is the eye cream. >> I’m using the one from “Artistry youth extend” which is the first and the only one I’ve been using, it got everything I’ve ever wanted in an eye cream and it shows. Usually I have a lot of wrinkles from expressing myself. Especially around the corner of my eyes and my cheeks. Because I laugh so much that it started getting wrinkly haha 😂 Then someone recommended me this eye cream, and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

➰ LifeSirt Myrtle leaf extract : A rare plant from the Mediterranean area that will helps reduce wrinkles and freckles from your face.

➰ Micro-X 6 peptide : Helps repair damaged skin and improves effectiveness of collagen.
➰ African Baobub extract : Protects your skin from external pollutions and sunlight. Repairs and brighten your skin.

Post usage review :

The cream is thick but not sticky, apply around your eye and cheek to moisturize them. It feels really refreshing! and you can clearly see the results of the product in the first week. The skin around my cheek and under my eye looks a lot younger and more lively.
Last but not least, the moisturizer. >> Those who have been following me for a while might recognize the Aesop brand, because so many people have reviewed it before, including me. You can check the review out at 👉🏻 https://www.jeban.com/topic/324463 This product is definitely one of the must have items for you ladies out there.

➰ Vitamin Loaded formula. Reduces irritation and fixes your skin balance. Works with oily skins too!
➰ Powerful anti-oxidant treatment that will brighten your skin up.
➰ Restore moisture and balance to your skin using the power of highly concentrated vitamin C on your skin.

Post usage review :

I’m pleasantly surprised the first time I got to experience this product. Because the gel was sticky, Since I have a kind of mixed skin, but slightly oilier. I expected these kind of honey-like gel to not work well with my skin and get everything sticky and messy. But once I applied it to my face it just get absorbed almost immediately, and not sticky as I thought at all! Most importantly in the morning when I wake up my face wasn’t dry at all, it’s really good at keeping moisture.
 เปิดกรูสกินแคร์ของสาววัย 25 ที่ใช้ดีจริงไม่จกตา!
25 years old girl’s secret beauty stash revealed!
“After-use results”
And that’s it for my personally recommendations for skincare products that were just so amazing that I had to share with you all. Feel free to share your personal experiences of all these products in the comments. See you all later. 👋🏻

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